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Staffin Slip. 28th March


Francis, Tony and Blair took me for my first day of rock climbing for the season today. Staffin cracks are fierce and pretty unrelenting so good body ache tonight.

Blair high on Gorbachov, E2 5b

Francis gardening the start of Lats in Space

Lats in Space E1, 5b

Tony on Woman of the Eighties, E3, 5c

Francis on Lat up a Drainpipe, HVS 5a

The beach was beautiful this evening as mists rolled across the Trotternish Ridge.

Highlight of the day however was finally finding my first dinasaur footprint set in the sandstone near the slipway itself-

Apparently footprint of a relative of Megalasaur circa 200 million years old!

Sharks, Weddings and Sunsets.


Matt’s Report

I had a magical days climbing with Ian at Neist Point today. We headed for the guaranteed(?!) suntrap of Conductor Cove at the foot of the light house. Along the path we stopped to watch a basking shark cruise around the bay and the amount of gannets, cormorants, and guillemots around all seemed to suggest that there are plenty of fish around. We had a superb time climbing the immaculate black rock and after our first route topped out to the slightly surreal sight of a wedding being conducted at the top of the crag! After a few more routes we moved back to the upper crag of the south sector where Ian lead Juniper Rib. After admiring two more basking sharks we decided to call it a day…just another working shift on the Isle of Skye!

There is a shark in there somewhere.

Brilliant wellies under the wedding dress!


Ian on Dulux Corner

Halfway on Lucky Strike

The final move on Lucky Strike

Ian rounding off the day by leading Juniper Rib

A bonus sunset photo!