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Winter begins :-)



Stars last night created a heady mix of anticipation for great things so Ally and I packed a full rack and ropes. Sadly we woke to a murky warm (7 degrees) morning and fought hard to keep up the enthusiasm. Adopting the “you can’t do it if you’re not there” philosophy is always best though and we got our just desserts.P1120088 (800x600)

Once in Coir’ a’ Bhasteir it was obvious that the thaw wrote off anything too technical so instead we opted for a traverse of Sgurr nan Gillean.P1120110 (600x800)

Tooth Chimney provided good sport and much amusement to gain the West Ridge.P1120100 (600x800)

P1120103 (600x800)P1120102 (600x800)


Conditions were variable so we opted to stay roped up to the summit.P1120114 (800x600)

The sun stayed out for most of this rise and the mists rolled around providing tantalising glimpses of Am Basteir and Pinnacle Ridge.

P1120116 (800x600)

Descending the “Tourist Route” we stuck to the crest of the ridge and down-climbing snow-clad grade 3 scrambling certainly tested us.P1120119 (600x800)

The only real rain eventually caught up with us but only for about 5 minutes. Payback was a full parting of the mists to reveal the autumn colours beautifully lit by evening sunshine and a pair of eagles rounded off the aesthetics nicely.

P1120121 (800x600)

For me the first day out in winter is always double-edged; inevitable pain from carrying all the extra metal-work is countered by the thrills and wonderful beauty of our play area. I can confirm, and feel, both sides of the winter sword this evening!P1120090 (600x800)