Neil Phillips WMCI

We are delighted to have Neil back again for his 3rd consecutive season.

Holding the UK’s highest award, being a Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor (WMCI), Neil instructs and guides all aspects of climbing throughout the UK. Neil spends many of his winters on Scottish snow and ice and his springs/summers guiding on Skye. He is also an expedition leader with broad professional and personal experience across Africa, Alaska, Antarctica, the Andes, the Arctic, European Alps, the Hajar Mountains and the Himalaya.
He has two degrees, one in Outdoor & Sport Studies and the other in Zoology and a Geography PGCE.

“Thank you for arranging an excellent three days with Neil. Sunshine was lacking, but the cloud reduced the exposure and the terror factor on Basteir and the Pinn. The sight of all the water pouring off the walls alongside An Dorus on Sunday was extraordinary.” AP June ’22

“Bit late, but I nevertheless wanted to give some feedback on Neil. I had a cracking day out with him. He’s very nice and personable, and gets the balance right between safety and fun. He also communicated very well both before and during the day. I was very happy.” Volker


Rock- Yosemite, anything. 

Ice- Two Step Corner

Cuillin- Sron na Ciche 

Place on Earth- India 

Food- Authentic Indian 

Drink- Mojito