Good days out despite our wonderful weather bubble bursting.



Dodging between some pretty awful rain showers for the past week but had a great day out with regulars Lisa & Vickie on Wednesday.

Narrowest section of Sgurr a’ Ghreadaidh

and relaxing the muscles afterwards


The weekend forecast improved enough to allow a Traverse attempt.

Rehen, Catherine & I took a ride in with Alex on the AquaXplore RIB on an increasingly choppy sea.

By the time we reached Gars-bheinn the tops were cloud covered once more and the winds were strong enough to knock us right over. Progress was slow & hard work as we battled to keep our feet along the “easy” section of the Ridge.

Overnighting in Coir’ a’ Ghrunnda we went to bed early hoping to wake in the perfect weather that was forecast but mist still clung heavily at 6am. The rocks were only slightly greasy on the rise up Alasdair but the exposed crest was soaking and treacherous to the Stone Shoot. We resisited the temptation to run away and made good progress to reach the Pinn at 11am.

Mist swirls around on An Stac Direct

The mists were finally clearing the tops and all those who had been lost finally seemed to home in on the Pinn. We got up just ahead of the mighty crowd and were briefly joined by Dave on his penultimate Munro.

The visibility and views continued to improve as we headed north and my Canadian guests were finally able to see the beauty of the Cuillin. Their previous summit was Mount Everest back in May and it was fascinating listening to their tales but also good to see and hear how much they appreciated the climbing and scenery in our wonderful wee mountains.

Catherine and Rehen with everything they had climbed in the Cuillin layed out behind them.

We descended from An Dorus as black clouds drew in from the south and got down just before the heavens opened.