Girdle Traverse Sron na Ciche, 26 July


Had a fantastic climb on a long-term objective today under clear blue skies. Lucy Spark is a regular client with a great sense of adventure so the longest rock climb in the Cuillin sounded ideal to her. At 3000 feet (900m) long we knew there was lot of concentration to be done but big rewards.

The route traverses from left to right with the Cioch marked as C

It is a major challenge of route finding, rope trickery and bold confident climbing first done by Barlow and Steeple in 1920.

Happy to be off to a good start- there is plenty of wear on the rocks showing quite how popular this route once was.

One of the early space walks.

We took about 1.5 hours to reach the Cioch.

After that followed one of the best sections with a long complex descent to the foot of Crack of Doom.

Reaching the Terrace below Crack of Doom

“Descent pitches can appear terrifying and are abseiled by some parties” says the guidebook- descending to the Hexagonal Block.

Glad to finally get the boots off