Dolphin display at Elgol on 19th April


IMG_4110 (800x600)Mother & calf passing by

Abi, Ivan, myself & Ally were treated to an incredible dolphin display as we finished our climbing last Saturday. For more than half an hour a huge pod of bottle-nose dolphins headed around the bay, right under the cliffs and around into the jetty at Elgol. Sharp boat operators were rapidly reopening & filling up with tourists to head out & look as we got back there.

IMG_4146 (800x600)Dolphins (bottom left) headign towards the jetty

Estimating numbers was hard, we had to leave before all of them had passed, but I’d guess at over 40 including mothers with calves all breaking the surface every 10 or 20 seconds. They appeared to be hugging the kelp beds feeding happily and our lofty position meant we could see them rolling around and playing even while they were underwater :-)))

IMG_4142Underwater action

This is the first time I’ve seen them close up to the cliffs in many years and a real privilege. I expect we’ll just have to cope with the normal otters, basking sharks and occasional minke whales for the rest of the season but you never know.

IMG_4078Abi way up there on Jamie Jampot, VS

Ivan & Abi had only done a small amount of outdoor climbing before but progressed rapidly with a grand finale on Jamie Jampot.

IMG_4103Ivan in post-match analysis

The weather has been treating us all fantastically right through Easter and looks set to continue.