Alpine training feedback.



Many thanks to John Rushton and the White Hart mountaineers for some great action pictures from their trip to the Valais Alps this summer.

Mischabel Group behind. the Nadelhorn is the 2nd major peak from the right.

Back in January we ran an Alpine training course for John’s team of 6- see pictures of this in the January Blog

It is always great to hear follow-up from clients particularly when the skills learnt have been put to full use-

 “Hello Mike

Our group from Essex was at yours for mountain training in January. We went to the Alps in Mid July and the training you gave us was perfect for it. We first went up Weismiess split into two groups of 3. We all made it up, the first up that day, and had no trouble although there were a lot of crevasses.

Among the crevasses & seracs on the NW face of the Weissmies.

We then went up The Nadelhorn. Steve, Tom, Marco and I went for it and the ridge training with the mixed snow and ice was perfect. We used all the training you gave us and were glad of it.

Full Scottish conditions on the Nadelhorn!

I’m now looking forward to some more excellent craic in January with the team that trains most intensely in the White Hart; happy days-

We would like four days training in January to take it a bit further and tackle some grade III routes. John Rushton