Knight’s Peak & Tooth 16th September


Heavy overnight rain cleared through to leave a beautiful and spectacular walk-in for David & I today.

Bagging the northern Munro Tops of Knight’s Peak and the Basteir Tooth is never easy and, at times, some hefty showers kept us more on our butts than our toes! There are 2 tops on Knight’s Peak that each looks higher than the other when you’re on them so we did both to be sure.

We’d approached by the 1st pinnacle but then skirted below the 3rd & 4th on the east side before regaining Pinnacle Ridge.

The light & effects made for another memorable day of rainbows & golden shimmering seas.






There was one particularly heavy shower coming down the West Ridge but I was excited to see the first snow flakes 🙂






The wind and rain died down as we climbed Am Bastier before the sharp descent and the Basteir Tooth. Mission accomplished, not! The descent involves a very awkward drop down into King’s Cave Chimney and then an equally awkward abseil that starts straight over an overhang.


David coped admirably and maintained a broad grin just as he had all day; congratulations!